Be contagious

After reading Walter Vandereycken’s article, How ‘contagious’ can eating disorders be in the eyes of patients? I started to wonder why “contagion” was always considered a bad thing.  The word definitely has a negative connotation — probably due to it’s frequency of use with “infectious” and “disease.”  However, several definitions of the word address it...
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Eating disorder self-diagnosis

I was reading an article (full text available!) by Walter Vandereycken (which I will post about in greater length soon), and something in his online survey caught my eye: In the first part of the survey, participants were asked a few general questions, in cluding self-diagnosis of the type of eating disorder they were showing most...
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Quotes and Meaning

I’m not usually much of a quote person, but recently I’ve run across that have really hit home with me, in regard to my eating disorder, treatment, recovery, and life.  Those who know me know that positive affirmations kind of drive me up the wall… but I have a lot of quotes and a list...
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Trust and deception

I purchased a card with a quote from Christian D. Larson on it today (yes, I am a greeting card addict), which really has me thinking: It is better ro have faith in everybody and be deceived occasionally than to mistrust everybody and be deceived almost constantly.” – Christian D. Larson I think this really...
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Stealing from the holidays

What does the eating disorder steal from your holidays?
1. Time spent with friends and family
2. Holiday spirit
3. The world outside of treatment
4. Holiday food
5. Almost a whole season of the year that’s different from any other time

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4 ways to lie

Some interesting thoughts on truth vs. lies from two of my favorite philosophers — Mark Twain and Gregory House. “If you tell the truth, you don’t need to remember anything.” – Mark Twain “I don’t ask why patients lie, I just assume they all do.” “It’s a basic truth of the human condition that everybody...
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