If my therapist knew…

Many months ago, there was an awesome cartoon on Therapy Tales that I have been dying to expand upon. It starts like this:

I’ve often thought about what my therapist would say were I to tell her about my blog. I bet she’d be thinking something like the following (note: I am NOT the artist that Therapy Tales is!):

Yeah, I don’t think we’ll be having this conversation any time soon…

6 thoughts on “If my therapist knew…

  1. Jen

    haha, I love this! Especially the HIPAA cartoon.

    • Yes, HIPAA would definitely be the first thing on her mind. I can just hear her now. “PLEASE tell me you are not using names of staff or patients.”

      • Jen

        I once came across a blog that named staff by real names. I wonder if my therapist has Googled her name because it shows up in the search results.

  2. ha ha, LOVE!

  3. Anyone who finds this amusing should get psychological help immediately.

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